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Since 2013, Friction Labs has been setting the new standard for chalk, making the cleanest and longest-lasting ones on the market today. Engineered at their headquarters in Denver, Colorado, they remove the impurities and fillers found in most magnesium carbonate mixes, delivering a high-performance drying agent with less mess. It is truly the chalk that is made by climbers, for climbers!


Friction Labs comes in three textures - fine, chunky, and super chunky - each with a unique hand feel. While they may defer in touch, all three blends are equally high-performing with health benefits too! It's just a matter of preference (like peanut butter).


Its reputation as the safest, healthiest and most effective chalk has drawn many climbers of all levels into their fanbase. Over the years, Friction Labs has grown its roster of athletes to include Olympians (Colin Duffy, Brooke Raboutou, Shauna Coxsey, Alex Megos), legends (Arnaud Petit, Barbara Zangerl, Dave Graham), crushers (Kokoro Fuji, Margo Hayes, Daniel Woods, Niccolo Ceria, Yoshiyuki Ogata), and more.

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