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The headsetter in front of the wall


At Bolder Ventures, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of routesetting

to give you the most out of your climbs.


Our Routes


The routesetting speaks for itself here at Bolder Ventures. Despite its size, we bring quality routesetting that redefines the boundaries of climbing. Every movement is a choreography of grace, intellect and power, and our routes are intricate puzzles that pushes climbers to think out of the box and go beyond their comfort zones.


Every grade here has something to teach no matter your level, and we make sure that they are always interesting puzzles to crack!


Our Head Setter


Climbing to Safwan is all about giving back to the climbing community. As the Chief National Routesetter for Malaysia and the Head National Coach for the Malaysian Climbing Team since 2017, he has worked in the shadows to lay the foundations and uplift new and existing climbers and routesetters.


Throughout the years, he has been invited to guest set for competitions and gyms in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, to name a few. Walking his path as a teacher, Safwan has conducted many routesetting courses in South East Asia, inspiring his students through the movement he creates on the wall.

Today, alumnis of his mentorship continue through Taqi (Camp5 Head Routesetter), Wafiy (Bump Head Routesetter), Azan (Project Rock Penang Head Routesetter), and many more across the country.

Our Gym

Bolder Ventures prides itself on education. From beginners new to the sport, to elite climbers looking to push their limits, and routesetters honing their craft, there is always something to learn here, so we welcome you to climb with us!

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